Crafty Ponies

As a Mum i just love these adorable ponies! Firstly let me introduce my 9 year old daughter’s collection from the photo… Duke, Pongo, Todd, Spartan, Blue, Ollie and Oreo! We first purchased Blue which is also my daughters grey pony, she loved that he came with his own passport and he never travels without it as she knows how important it is for her pony to have his, I feel these are such a simple yet effective educational tool for children. With each item you receive a lovely illustrated instruction booklet that has information about the item and easy to follow for your little equestrian, for example the saddle and bridal has each part labeled for easy learning. I know that Crafty Ponies are always bringing new items out which is great, we are hoping for a chestnut soon, 5* home awaits you! Price wise again for what you get it is great value for money and they are very well made items, we hope that in the future some saddle pads would be available as we all love matchy matchy sets, but on the upside it has made my daughter become very creative and has created her own saddle pads for her ponies. Harry horse rider and Pippa pony rider are fun dolls, sometimes a little tricky to keep up right on the ponies, again we would love to see some more outfits for them as my daughter has tried to make clothes but we are certainly not made to be dress makers. Overall I feel that Crafty Ponies are just the perfect toy for those young horse riders, those who love horses and ponies and possibly cannot have a real one, they are just brilliant!!

Olivia Minihane

Horse and rider photo Olivia

A little about my lovely sponsored rider 19 year old Olivia Minihane. Based in the heart of Warwickshire (Rugby) Olivia and her Mum Jackie have a team of talented horses, Deena a chestnut mare, Moss a Dun gelding they are both Irish Sports horses, Harry a very handsome palomino gelding and William who is 21 years old and still going strong both are Welsh section D’s, Fred a grey Connemara gelding, last but not least is Jerry who is Olivia’s 5 year old, his grandsire is Lux Z, I cannot wait to see him out competing.
Recently competing at Royal International Moss came 6th in the 153cm show hunter pony and Fred who came 8th in the 153cm working hunter pony, A huge congratulations to team Minihane!
Olivia has been competing from a young age on her ponies she used to affiliate BSJA, now mainly focusing on showing. I am really looking forward to see what the future holds for Olivia she is a very talented rider with a huge amount of knowledge with one very proud and supportive Mum, I can only hope my Daughter and I will be just as much an awesome team as Olivia and Jackie!

Check out Olivia Minihane Equestrian on Facebook, for schooling livery and sales livery.

Keep an eye out for more on Olivia.

Canon EF 85mm Lens 1.2

Blog Canon 85mm Lens f1.2

This week I used the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM Lens… What a great lens! The images I shot had great smooth background blur, with the subject being perfectly sharp, which wasn’t an easy task as I had a very brave and friendly bouncing 1 week old foal to photograph.

The lens is a little heavy but I usually shoot with a Canon 70-200mm lens so it didn’t bother me. This lens is the perfect portrait lens perfect for a wedding setting. You will not be disappointed if you are lucky to own one or looking to purchase one!

An extreme portrait lens with a very fast maximum aperture and swift focusing.
Highlights of this lens: Extreme f/1.2 maximum aperture, Soft case and lens hood, Integration with E-TTL II flash system. Available to purchase from the Canon store online for £ 1,929.99.

This lens is also available as a 1.4 or 1.8 too!

Horses in the heat

hello sunshine blog horses

Having been around so many yards the one thing I have picked up on my travels is the question of ‘what is best to do with my horse in this heat?’. We waited so long for this Summer to arrive after what felt like an never ending winter of rain, snow, and a lot of mud, and when summer did arrive it this year it’s been an unusually hot one for us in the UK.

This heat can be dangerous for our horses or ponies, often causing dehydration, lethargy or generally uncomfortable conditions, which in severe cases of heat can bring on stress that can sometimes cause diarrhoea and colic.

I am hoping I can offer some top tips that may help your horse or Pony below:

Choose cooler turnout times, if you have a stable bringing in during the day or hottest parts of the day will help, turning out overnight is ideal for your horses. The summer can also have a big impact on the fields and reduce the quality of grazing, feeding hard feed maybe required to keep condition and energy on them. If you do not have access to a stable providing some shade in the field giving them chance to stand out of the sun.
The most essential is your horse or pony has access to cool water all the time, buckets can get warm very quickly if left in direct sunlight try and place them by the hedge or shaded area as horse may not drink warm water. Watch out for sunburn too.

Try riding early in the morning or later in the evening the sunrise and sunset is lovely to watch whilst riding too!

I have seen Ice blocks with apples, carrots etc in i think these are a lovely idea for your horse to enjoy and hydrate at the same time, My horse loves a carrot ice block!

And we must not forget the dreaded horse flies, fly rugs, fly masks and fly spray are essential too this pesky flies are everywhere irritating and nibbling away, and don’t forget to spare yourself, I recently did a photo shoot and 8 horsefly bites later i now carry spray at all times!!

Signs of heat stroke can include: Excessive sweating, heart rate higher than normal and doesn’t return back to normal, high temperature, lack of energy, dehydration, if you have any concerns contact your vet.