Crafty Ponies

As a Mum i just love these adorable ponies! Firstly let me introduce my 9 year old daughter’s collection from the photo… Duke, Pongo, Todd, Spartan, Blue, Ollie and Oreo! We first purchased Blue which is also my daughters grey pony, she loved that he came with his own passport and he never travels without it as she knows how important it is for her pony to have his, I feel these are such a simple yet effective educational tool for children. With each item you receive a lovely illustrated instruction booklet that has information about the item and easy to follow for your little equestrian, for example the saddle and bridal has each part labeled for easy learning. I know that Crafty Ponies are always bringing new items out which is great, we are hoping for a chestnut soon, 5* home awaits you! Price wise again for what you get it is great value for money and they are very well made items, we hope that in the future some saddle pads would be available as we all love matchy matchy sets, but on the upside it has made my daughter become very creative and has created her own saddle pads for her ponies. Harry horse rider and Pippa pony rider are fun dolls, sometimes a little tricky to keep up right on the ponies, again we would love to see some more outfits for them as my daughter has tried to make clothes but we are certainly not made to be dress makers. Overall I feel that Crafty Ponies are just the perfect toy for those young horse riders, those who love horses and ponies and possibly cannot have a real one, they are just brilliant!!